Tall Building Topology Optimization


This research project will develop and validate new multi-objective optimization algorithms to support tall building design in Qatar and around the world. Topology optimization, the distribution of material in a given domain based on fundamental physical principles, is gaining popularity as a tool for developing tall building structural design concepts.

The focus of this project is to develop and combine optimization algorithms that can find the best combination of materials to reduce first costs, lower carbon footprint and embodied energy, control construction complexity, and maximize useable rental space, all while meeting structural demands. A demonstration of the topology optimization platform is planned for a tall building project in Qatar with the goals of proving feasibility and effectiveness, and formalizing framework connectivity through a plugin interface to existing commercial CAD and BIM tools.

The anticipated impact of this research on the tall building design community will be advances in building economy, profitability, and sustainability to the benefit of the owner, the environment, and society at large. This research project funded by Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and it is a joint project involving experts from Optim Design, Qatar University, John Hopkins University, Virginia Tech, and MZ & Partners.