SMART KHALEEJI HOME; The Development and Use of Ubiquitous Sensing Technology in Houses via IoT Platforms

Research (R&D)

The main objective of SMAKHO (SMart KHaleeji HOme) is to provide a smart/intelligent housing unit with control, monitoring and management system/interface which would enable comfy livable environment while consuming energy and water more efficient and sufficient. The scope of this project at this phase is limited into building lighting, AC/cooling system, and greywater treatment system.

This  R&D project will create a new tools and techniques to reduce residential building energy and water consumptions significantly. It has the potential to provide 40% energy savings in a home compared to a building without an energy control system. It will also expect to control usage of the greywater treatment system which increases efficiency of the irrigation. It will enhance energy and water management through intelligent centralized AC + Lighting monitoring and control. The climatic sensors monitor indoor air-quality; the temperature sensors control minimal energy consumption and maximum comfort; the lighting sensors match automatically lighting to daylight; the moisture sensors manage grey water usage.